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NOTICE:  As of May 1, 2022 - Late Cancel/No Show fees will be increased to $75.oo.

Make sure to give a 24 hour notice if you need to reschedule. 

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New Faces at OceanHawk Counseling!!


Sid Boersma, LCSW, PhD joined OceanHawk Counseling after Stoughton Family Counseling closed in December of 2022.  Sid received his BSW from UW Whitewater, MSSW from UW Madison and Ph.D from Newburgh Seminary in Indiana.  He has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1984.  Sid has worked as a therapist at a number of agencies and clinics to include Children’s Service Society, Dane County, the Department of Defense, the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Red Cross.  Sid specializes in Dialectical and Cognitive Behavior, EMDR, Brain Spotting and substance use disorder. He enjoys working with Adults, Couples, Families and Children, and Veterans.  Sid is a US Army Vietnam Era Veteran, a father, grandpa, licensed realtor, and a musician. 

Brennan is a licensed professional counselor who received his MS in Counselor Education with an emphasis in clinical mental health counseling from University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Brennan's clinical focus specializes in cognitive behavioral theory, solution-focused, strengths-based approach, family focused attachment theory, and person-centered theory. He enjoys pulling from people's strengths and accomplishments, using their own skills to assist them in overcoming current and new challenges in their lives. Brennan also focuses on adapting communication styles to improve effectiveness of social and emotional development. He has experience working with mindfulness, emotional regulation techniques, career planning, life transitions, and issues facing males. He has trained with author and researcher, Dr. Arthur Becker Weideman in Family Focused Attachment Therapy. Brennan also has worked with individuals and families struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, mood disorders, people on the Autism Spectrum, PTSD, individuals with substance use disorders and complex medical conditions. Brennan primarily works with teens 12+ and adults of all ages. 

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Olive ...... and Sparrow!


You are worthy!

Believe something

incredible will happen today!

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Reaching out for help is not easy. At OceanHawk Counseling Alternatives you are at home in an environment that is safe and comfortable to begin working through your struggles. Often, many people refrain from looking for help because they feel embarrassed to show what they deem as weaknesses or defects, letting fear of rejection stop them to take the first step. 

Professional counseling is like an intimate talk, assisted by a  caring friend that sympathizes and knows how you feel, but at the same time can maintain the professional objectivity to allow real change. OceanHawk Counseling Alternatives brings you a powerful ally in finding a new path and direction in life.

People looking for counseling are often struggling with troubles that have cropped up in their life. Troubles can be caused by painful relationships, work environments, family problems, health issues, loss of loved ones or simply feeling stuck in an unsatisfactory life. We see people who struggle with difficult life transitions, such as relationship difficulties or divorce, loss, job loss or change of occupation. The emotional symptoms are stress, anxiety, eating disorders, and non-useful anger. We also help those who are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction as well as the loved ones who are affected.

Our first meeting is focused on carefully understanding the problems that you want to address, and then concentrate on your strengths, abilities, and finding meaning in life. The keystone of our practice is respectful attention to your individual differences, personal culture, and belief system. The result is a safe environment to experiment with applying your strengths to problems in new ways. We believe in results-focused therapy based on a client-centered philosophy, and can help you discover your inner resources to tackle any problem.

People of all races, cultures and orientations are welcome at OceanHawk Counseling.

Be assured... there IS a reason you have found us today. Perhaps you are ready to take that first step to discover a new way of looking at your world. We hope you will take the opportunity to achieve an enhanced life.


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608-873-7838 Call or Text

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255
Veterans Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255
Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233

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